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Women Leading in Auto Detailing

  • Posted on Aug 1, 2018

Given our current social climate, these are exciting times for women all over the world for many different reasons. Women’s rights are a hot topic right now and the social conscious has shifted to a point where women are beginning to get the respect they deserve. The proverbial “glass ceiling” for women in the work force are being shattered in businesses all over the globe. For decades, women fought to transcend the homemaker/housewife stigma placed upon them by centuries of male chauvinism, and great strides have been made towards that effort.  Most recently we have seen women in Saudi Arabia finally given the right to drive, a right many women all over the world have enjoyed since the dawn of the automobile.

Which brings us to this question: Why do we associate cars so much with masculinity? Why do most things car related have to ooze testosterone? They don’t have to.  Because women now have as much stock in the world of motor vehicles as men. Just look at the success and popularity of Danica Patrick in NASCAR and Indy Car Racing. Bowtie Detail Services built its business around the love and care of automobiles and we are proud to be a “Woman-Owned” business. But there are so many other car wash and auto detailing businesses being helmed by women nationwide. Here are just a few of the top women currently making a splash in our industry.

Women in Carwashing

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