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Why Wax?

  • Posted on Jun 14, 2018

Your car’s paint job is usually the first thing on the vehicle that people notice. Whether your paint color is bold or understated, any chips, scuffs or fading can really mar the beauty of your car. While advancements in paint technology such as clear coating and ceramic coating have made it easier to maintain a bright and shiny finish, we are a long way from having to ditch the turtle wax completely. Your paint job still needs regular maintenance and protection from the elements. Many factors such as the region you live in or where and how you store your vehicle play a huge part in the life of your finish.  This article explains some of the “friends” and “enemies” of automotive paint and how you can defend the integrity of your vehicle’s most defining characteristic. Check out this article, then give us a call to set up an appointment for the Cummberbund Package.  Not only does our wax provide up to 6 months of protection, we will also make sure your wheels are cleaned and conditioned.

Preserving Your Car’s Paint Finish

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