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Is your vehicle dog friendly?

  • Posted on Aug 30, 2018

August 26th was National Dog Day and what better way to celebrate with your favorite canine companion than with a nice long ride in the car? If you own a dog you know that nothing is more exciting for them than a car ride!

Regardless of what type of vehicle you own, you’ll rarely find a dog complain or balk at the offer, but do you ever consider just how “pet friendly” your car may be? Take time to consider the size and shape of your dog in comparison to the size and shape of your vehicle. Is your car too high for your small dog to safely jump in and out of? Are your contoured back seats too lumpy and uncomfortable for your larger breeds? How can you protect your car’s interior from getting dirty or damaged by doggy paws? There are many factors to be considered when attempting to give your furry friend the best ride possible.

We here at Bowtie Detail Services, agree that Man’s Best Friend deserves all the best so we have provided this list of handy tricks and tips for your next road trip with Fido! Whether it’s a cross country tour or a spin around the block, we think you’ll find these hints quite helpful. And, in case your four legged friend does a few stray hairs or muddy paw prints behind, give Bowtie Detail Services a call.  We’ll have your car back to it’s Pre-Fido self in no time!

Look for These 8 Dog-Friendly Features When You’re Car Shopping

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