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Just How Dirty is Your Car’s Upholstery?

  • Posted on Sep 6, 2018

By Michael Turner

As much time as you spend in your car, it’s basically your second home, right? You eat in your car, do your makeup in your car, shave in your car. Who knows what else you’ve done, during your daily commute?! Bottom line, with everything you do in your car other than keeping your eyes on the road, your car has seen its share of dirt, crumbs, smudges and stains.

Most of these little nasties eventually end up ground into your upholstery or your floorboard carpet. What’s worse, think about all the dirt, germs and bacteria you carry into your car on the bottom of your shoes. And if you have kids and pets, you’re guaranteed a barrage of various germy messes! Truth is, your car’s carpet and upholstery are actually teeming with harmful bacteria such as Staph, Norovirus and the dreaded E. Coli!

The following article lines out in greater detail what dangers are lurking in the shadows of your vehicle’s interior. So, what better way to make sure your car doesn’t make you sick than to have your trusted mobile detailing service give it a thorough deep cleaning? Bowtie Detail Services is up to the task of cleaning and disinfecting your interior so you can enjoy your drive with peace of mind.

Your Car’s Carpet & Upholstery are Filthy

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