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Exterior Detailing


Fewer Dead Bugs on My Windshield?

  • Posted on Oct 11, 2018

By Michael Turner It’s one of the biggest pains of driving. You’re heading down the highway at 70 mph and -SPLAT! – a huge bug kamikazes itself all over your windshield resulting in a colorful, gooey mess. Yuck! It can be especially frustrating if you find yourself on a road trip across the Midwest where

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Wax vs. Sealants: What’s the difference?

  • Posted on Oct 4, 2018

By Michael Turner If you’re a person who is new to the auto detailing game, you may find yourself confused by all the different waxes and sealants on the market and by how they are used. If you plan on using a detail service you may even be overwhelmed by all the different services and

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Tires – Why Keep Them Clean

  • Posted on Jun 21, 2018

Of all the hard working moving parts on your vehicle, none take more of a beating than the tires. Your car’s tires are made to take the worst the road has to offer and keep on going mile after mile. With all that road grit, brake dust, and debris, it stands to reason that your

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Why Wax?

  • Posted on Jun 14, 2018

Your car’s paint job is usually the first thing on the vehicle that people notice. Whether your paint color is bold or understated, any chips, scuffs or fading can really mar the beauty of your car. While advancements in paint technology such as clear coating and ceramic coating have made it easier to maintain a

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