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Monthly Archives: June 2018


Cleaning Between Details

  • Posted on Jun 28, 2018

Keeping our vehicles looking pristine on the outside is a top priority for those of us who take pride in our ride. But can the same be said for the interior? After all, many of us practically live in our cars. Think about all those trips to and from work everyday, the long family road

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Tires – Why Keep Them Clean

  • Posted on Jun 21, 2018

Of all the hard working moving parts on your vehicle, none take more of a beating than the tires. Your car’s tires are made to take the worst the road has to offer and keep on going mile after mile. With all that road grit, brake dust, and debris, it stands to reason that your

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Why Wax?

  • Posted on Jun 14, 2018

Your car’s paint job is usually the first thing on the vehicle that people notice. Whether your paint color is bold or understated, any chips, scuffs or fading can really mar the beauty of your car. While advancements in paint technology such as clear coating and ceramic coating have made it easier to maintain a

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Benefits of Detailing

  • Posted on Jun 7, 2018

You have probably heard the term “detailing” when it comes to automobile maintenance, but do you know what this term really means or what it entails? To detail a car is the meticulous process of restoring your car’s appearance as close to it’s original glory as possible. We all know that our vehicles have to

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